About Alpha Doctors

About Alpha Doctors

Alpha Doctors use information and communication technology to provide access to affordable high quality medical services. Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals include medical specialists, Medical officers, pharmacists, allied health professionals, Nurses and Midwives. We use Applications and website to serve you better. We believe that anyone can have access to a required health professional irrespective of his/her location for as long as they can have access to a phone.

Our promise

We promise to use appropriate technology to provide Access to Affordable, high Quality medical care to our clients.

Our Values

  • Client centered care: We put our clients’ interests first and strive to ensure that the client accesses care that is beneficial
  • Innovation: We ride on technology to deliver high quality services at the convenience of our clients.
  • Team work: We have excellent interactions between our health care providers and between our providers and the clients including their care takers.
  • Timeliness: We strive to deliver services whenever it is needed


Our client centered Services

  • Patient Consultation: Our health professionals use ICT to provide medical consultation to our clients. This may need submission of relevant data like audio, still or live images, between a patient and a health professional for use in making a diagnosis and rendering treatment plan.
  • Home based care: We belief that care should be given with minimal inconvenience to the patient. That is why we provide home based medical care. Common conditions recommended for home based care include: diabetes, hypertension, mental health, palliative care and physiotherapy.
  • Medical and Health Promotion: We provide specialized health information to our clients and support in medical fitness and wellness activities. We also do pre-employment and pre-school medical assessments.
  • Online Pharmacy: With our online pharmacy, you can now order for your medicines at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is sign up for free, upload your prescription and the pharmacist will verify and have your medicines delivered to your home. The hospitals and clinics can also make orders from our website and our partner pharmacies will process their orders.How to Access the health professional- Free to sign up and no monthly charges
    1. Download our App and Sign up for free
    2. Choose the Department
    3. Talk to the Health Professional


    You can contact us on

    P.O Box 27961,


    Tel: +256751382167

    Website: www.alphadoctors247.com

    Email: info@alphadoctors247.com

    You can also in get touch on social media

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