Medical Consultation: What it is and why you should frequently have one

Medical Consultation: What it is and why you should frequently have one

This is a meeting between a doctor and a patient. It is mainly done to take preventive measures to stop the development of various diseases particularly for patients who have risk factors, to obtain a diagnosis for symptoms being experienced by the patient, among others.

There are many reasons why a patient should undergo a medical consultation.

A consultation allows the doctors to track the progress of your condition, manage disease or disability, prevent future or potential health issues, improve life and movement, and extend life as much as possible.

Mainly with companies and schools, people are mandated by rules to see a doctor for consultation at least once a year. The results of the exam are then forwarded to the institution for storage and monitoring. They can also use medical information to create a more suitable lifestyle, wellness, or health programs the people.

Early detection gives any person a fighting chance even against dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer. A regular consultation can help a doctor monitor new growths or changes to your body.

How to get the most out of a medical consultation

A well-prepared person is not only able to get the most from the consultation but is also able to make the doctor’s task easy. Make sure that you have access to all of your important medical records. If you are referred by some other doctor, remember to carry the referral letter from that doctor as well. All points and questions that are to be discussed with the doctor should be clearly noted down. If you need any clarification regarding the medicine or mode of treatment, remember to ask the doctor then and there itself.

If you have more than one symptom, clearly state them starting from the date the symptom first appeared. If there is any factor like food, movement, or climate change that makes your symptom better or worse, remember to explain that as well. If you have undertaken any self-medication or tried any over the counter drugs, inform the same to the doctor. If you have consulted any other doctor in relation to the same symptom, be sure to mention that as well.

Since you are the person suffering from the condition, you have the right to know your doctor’s diagnosis. If you are unsure about the condition, you can ask the doctor to explain it clearly. Remember to get the complete medical name so that you can cross-check it later on. If the diagnosis is something that is going to affect your future, ask the doctor to explain it. You can also ask him ways to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease.

Remember to always tell the truth even if it is embarrassing. If you have not taken the medicine as specified by the doctor, make it clear to him. Otherwise, the doctor will reach the conclusion that he has given you the wrong dose, the wrong medicine or the wrong diagnosis.

Ask your questions and express any doubts in a polite manner. Never show aggressive or rude behavior or pretend that you know everything. Doctors are humans too and likely to respond better when you are friendly and polite.

Avoid taking caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and cola at least an hour before the doctor’s consultation as caffeine can alter your blood pressure. The same applies to smoke as well.

There are some situations in which the doctor will recommend obtaining a urine sample test or doing a scan. If you feel that the doctor might recommend the same, or an ultrasound scan of your abdomen, make sure that you do not pass the urine before your visit.

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