Home Based Healthcare

Alpha Doctors Limited (ADL) is a leading Home-healthcare service provider with services in Kampala Metropolitan. This provides convenience to our clients.  



Doctor Consultations  

Nursing care  

Newborn baby & mother care  


Our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists create a customized physiotherapy plan for you. Our Physiotherapy services include;

    • Injuries and disabilities like back pain, neck pain and knees pain.
    • Care for orthopedic cases.
    • Care for neurological cases.
    • Post pregnancy care.Rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis and multiple sclerosis.

Home Doctor Consultations

ADL offers home Doctor Visits and treatment of patients at home. Patients consult our Doctors for general health checkups, acute illnesses and chronic diseases among others. Our home Doctors are recommended especially for people with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, stroke, orthopedic problems and palliative care among others.  

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Nursing services

ADL highly qualified and trained nurses provide high quality medical care at the comfort of your home. These services are supervised by a Doctor. Services include; 

    • Post- operative nursing care.
    • Elderly care.
    • Urinary catheterization,Wound care.
    • Diabetic and Hypertensive care and monitoring.
    • Diet and nutrition assessment and counselling.

Newborn baby and mother care

A post natal care program for you to cope up with the initial challenges of becoming a mother. Features include; 

    • Mother care: Supportive medical care, help with lactation, massages and exercise .
    • Baby care: Bathing and general hygiene, care for the cord, help with feeding, immunizations.